Welcome to the home of ICS Close Quarter Combat

Australia’s premier self defence training organization.

We specialise in teaching people realistic and effective street self defence.
Close Quarter Combat (CQC) is a modern and realistic self defence system. It is a hybrid blend of many different martial arts and combat systems,and is one of the world’s most effective self defence systems.

We teach people from all walks of life,all skill levels.So whether you a raw beginner, law enforcement professional or an experienced martial artist,you will find that ICS Close Quarter Combat is easy to learn and will provide you with the highest level of self defence training available.

We offer classes,courses,seminars and private training. If being able survive a real life attack is important to you,then you have found the right place.


Our centre is located at 325b Bay Road Cheltenham ,Melbourne Australia 

Melbourne CBD centre opening soon!

Phone: 1300 721 060