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CQC is Australia’s premier self defence training system

At ICS we specialise in teaching people Close Quarter Combat (CQC), a realistic, modern and extremely effective street self defence system that’s a hybrid blend of many different martial arts and combat fighting styles.

CQC is one of the world’s most effective self defence systems & has been lauded as more effective and complete than Krav Maga by those who’ve studied both.

All fitness Levels Welcome, Female Friendly & Fun

Our clients come from all walks of life and all skill levels. You don’t need to be at a certain level of fitness or know anything about self defence or MMA.

Most of our clients are everyday people just looking to improve their ability to defend themselves or looking for an effective, fun and rewarding way to improve their fitness or shred some weight & tone up.

If being able survive a real life attack is important to you or you’d like to improve your health and fitness whilst honing your defensive skills then you have found the right place.

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From Melbourne to Madrid, Sydney to San Francisco, from MMA Champions to Body Guards of the super rich, experts to complete beginners, Integrated Combat Systems has been helping people all over the world better protect themselves with real world self defence training whilst staying fit and having lots of fun!


ICS Training Classes & Courses


Close Quarter Combat Training

Today CQC is taught to every day people as an effective form of street defence, its prime purpose is to help you develop the ability to quickly and efficiently defend against a violent attack on you, a friend or family member.

As a side benefit, participants will gain a high level of fitness, meet new people and have fun doing it.

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Women’s Self Defence

The need for self protection has become a vital part of our existence due to an increase in attacks and sexual assaults within our communities.

The Women Safe program is based in Melbourne and implemented Australia wide in High Schools, Corporate Institutions and available monthly to the public in areas throughout Melbourne..

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CQC Instructors Course 

ICS has now certified over 60 instructors in Australia,New Zealand,USA,Germany,Spain,Belgium and Poland. Our instructor program is as follows,

  • Basic Instructor (Level 1-3)
  • Advanced Instructor (Level 4-6)
  • Expert Instructor (level 7-9)
  • Master Instructor (level 10)
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Personal Training with Peter Sciarra

If you’re looking for specialised or personalised training, enquire about ICS’s exclusive private training sessions with Peter Sciarra.

Take your training to the next level or simply take advantage of the one on one focus for extreme results in record time.

Peter is available for limited sessions each week. Call 1300 721 060 or 0413 311 633 for more details and to book now!

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If this is your first time coming to ICS then grab our special introductory offer that gives you a full week of unlimited sessions of:

  • Close Quarter Combat Training
  • MMA Fitness sessions &
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After a week you’ll see how awesome this style of training is and you will feel super confident that you’ll be able to reach your fitness and combat training goals, whatever they may be!

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Mat Masters Academy 108 Drummond St, Oakleigh VIC 3166

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What Our Students Say

“I’m very happy to be training with ICS. Peter’s syllabus is well structured, extremely practical has an excellent focus on applying appropriate actions to real life scenarios.

As an instructor he is personable and very approachable, consistently demonstrating an enthusiastic, hands-on attitude which is reflective of his commitment to his students. I’ve trained with several other organisations and can honestly say that I’m more motivated and have made better progress with Peter than I have with those in the past.”

Justin Haining
Manager product development,Tatts pokies

“Peter Sciarra is an internationally recognised martial arts instructor teaching internationally recognised concepts. Having trained under Peter’s Integrated Combat System (ICS) for the past five years, the benefits I have received are numerous and include; increased strength, fitness, discipline and confidence.

More importantly however, the fighting style Peter teaches is real, real in the sense that it works. ICS is not concerned with ‘flashy’ moves that are ultimately ineffective. Rather, by combing the best techniques from almost every martial arts discipline, ICS is efficient and  can be employed in any situation”

Mike Von Tauchek

“After training in martial arts for a decade it is refreshing to find a trainer, who is open minded and knowledgeable within his field. Someone who isn’t afraid to step outside the box and attend seminars and cross train in order to teach us students new or more effective techniques.

This says a lot about Peter and his system as it is constantly evolving and I can honestly say I get excited every time I walk through the doors and trek upstairs to train with Peter and his boys.

The training environment is clean and well kept, not to mention the students are friendly, approachable and engaging, and no egos are present in this school. This would be an accurate reflection of how Peter Sciarra conducts himself amongst us students, and without a doubt I have never met a trainer quite like him.

If you want to learn self defence that is not only effective, affordable and fun to learn then I suggest you take a visit to ICS and speak to Peter Sciarra about becoming a member. Trust me on this one!”


Simon Sultana
Personal Trainer

“Before I started training in the ICS self defence system I had no martial arts experience. I have found the system Peter Sciarra teaches to be intuitive to learn and does not require unrealistic dexterity, flexibility or strength.

I have learned useful techniques from day 1 in an environment that is easy going, but focused on proficiency in the skills relevant to each module that Peter teaches.

Skills are taught, or reinforced, and related to practical street based scenarios in each lesson.”

John Hall
General Manager

“Having worked in the security industry for over 20 years,and trained in many different Martial Art systems.

I can honestly say that ICS training has provided me with the most realistic and easy to learn defensive tactics. Instructor Peter Sciarra is a man who certainly knows his trade.”

Nev Shoeman
Security officer, martial arts veteran 

“Military, law enforcement or protective agents; Book ICS as soon as possible. As a certified instructor in MACP and Gracie GST civilian market training often falls short.

Often I go to the Dojo, train go home to adapt the moves. Not with ICS ! Every technique was adaptable for military and Law enforcement purposes.

I highly recommend ICS training.”

Tracy E Fulford
United States Army

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