About ICS

Close Quarter Combat Training

ICS is an international organisation that trains civilians,law enforcement and military across the globe.

The CQC (Close Quarter Combat) Program at ICS is second to none in it’s practical, pragmatic approach to modern self defence applications.

It is designed for people 15 years and older, any shape, size, and gender to participate in.

Combining elements of military Style Hand 2 Hand Combat,law enforcement, and material from various martial sources, CQC bridges the gap between the Military, Police, and Martial Artist.

Each of these groups knows things about fighting that the others don’t.

CQC is about the seamless application of all good tactics in all ranges of combat – Standing, Kneeling, and on the Ground.

The Close Quarters Combat program covers Mentality, Strategy, Techniques, and Tactics in Hand vs. Hand, Hand vs. Stick, Hand vs. Gun, and Hand vs. Knife threats.

UFC Veteran Endorses ICS