Close Quarter Combat (CQC) is a modern and realistic self defence system.

It is a hybrid blend of many different martial arts, military and police tactics. CQC was originally developed for the military to fight enemy soldiers.

They needed an effective system that included unarmed, knife, stick and firearm combat.

Through trial and error soldiers quickly found out what was effective and was not.

ICS Close Quarter Combat combines the best techniques and strategies extracted from martial arts and combat systems from around the world.

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Today CQC is taught to every day people as an effective form of street defence, its prime purpose is to help you develop the ability to quickly and efficiently defend against a violent attack on you, a friend or family member.

CQC will teach you to use any part of your body as a weapon in any environment.

You will learn strikes, kicks, takedowns, joint locks, weapon defence, ground fighting and more.

Our CQC system is well structured and in an easy to learn format and is suitable for the beginner right through to the advanced.

CQC has a ten level grading structure, although the distribution of levels is not the goal the system.

The ICS CQC ranking system has been carefully conceived, but also designed to motivate students and encourage a positive learning atmosphere.

Most importantly it aids the organisation of the subject matter and curriculum.

Our most important goal at ICS is to give you the ability and confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones. As a side benefit, you will gain a high level of fitness, meet new people and have fun doing it.