CQC Instructor Course

April 23,24,25,26  2021  10am – 4pm

ICS has now certified over 70 instructors in Australia,New Zealand,USA,Germany,Spain,Belgium,Finland, Portugal,South Korea and Poland. Our instructor program is as follows,

  • Basic Instructor (Level 1-3)
  • Advanced Instructor (Level 4-6)
  • Expert Instructor (level 7-9)
  • Master Instructor (level 10)

This course we will be covering the first two levels, only people who have completed Basic Instructor or reached level 3 can do the advanced level. Basic level is open to everyone 15 years and older. People who are not interested in certifying but would like to train just for knowledge are welcome to attend.

The first 3 days will be covering all aspects of hand to hand combat, hand strikes,leg strikes,takedowns,weapon defence,ground survival and more. The fourth day will be the grading day for people wanting to certify.



Basic Instructor :$650

Advanced Instructor: $650

Basic Instructor + Grading and certification :$800

Advanced Instructor + Grading and certification :$800

Attend any day :$220


Mat Masters

108 Drummond Street Oakleigh Victoria


All sessions will be taken by our world renown instructor Peter Sciarra and his team. Numbers are limited to 10 people for each level, first in first served.

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Find out why Michael Jones travelled all the way from Washington for this training!